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2 simple prices, for amazing Webflow projects.

Submit a project

19,90 € /project
  • 1 project Hightlight
  • Listed in 1 category
  • Active backlink
  • Direct Access to Website
  • 10 key words  / projects

Webflow Expert Plan

150 € /year
Start now
  • 1 Free Submition / Year
  • 1 Free Job offer / Year
  • Webflow Expert page (“Contact” Button)
  • Linked to your projects
  • Backlink to your website
  • Featured on Homepage
  • Projects listed in 3 categories
  • Promotion Video in profile
  • 20 key words / projects

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Find answers to common queries about our services, pricing, project submissions, and becoming a Webflow Expert.

What is the difference between the "Submit a Project" plan and the "Annual Expert Subscription" plan?

The "Submit a Project" offer is designed for individuals or businesses looking to showcase and promote their Webflow design projects. It allows you to submit and feature your projects to gain exposure and potential clients. On the other hand, the "Annual Expert Subscription" plan is for agencies, studios, or freelancers who want to be listed as experts in the Webflow Website plateform, gaining visibility and attracting clients seeking professional web design services.

Can I upgrade my "Submit Project" plan to the "Webflow Expert Plan"?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan from the "Submit Project" to the "Webflow Expert Plan" if you meet the eligibility criteria. The "Webflow Expert Plan" provides additional benefits and features to enhance your visibility and reputation as a Webflow expert. Simply go to our princig page and subscribe the "Webflow Expert Plan".

Can I cancel my subscription to the "Webflow Expert Plan" before the annual period ends?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to the "Webflow Expert Plan" at any time, even before the annual period ends. There are no additional costs associated with canceling your subscription early. However, please note that canceling your subscription will result in the removal of the benefits and features provided by the expert plan. You will no longer be listed as a Webflow expert but your projects will be preserved on the platform.

How does the "Submit Project" plan work?

The "Submit Project" plan allows clients to highlight their Webflow projects on our platform. Clients simply need to provide the necessary information such as the website link, project images, title, description, and tags. With a one-time payment, their website will be live within 72 hours, gaining visibility and potential clients. Each project submission costs 19,90 € and includes one project highlight, listing in one category, an active backlink, direct access to the website, and 10 keywords per project.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can submit under the "Submit Project" plan?

No, there is no limit to the number of projects you can submit under the "Submit Project" plan. You can showcase as many webflow projects as you like by providing the necessary information such as the website link, pictures, title, description, and tags. Each project submission will incur the applicable fee of 19.90 € per project. This allows you to highlight multiple webflow projects and gain visibility on the platform for each submission.

How many projects can I submit with the "Webflow Expert Plan"?

With the "Webflow Expert Plan," you receive one free submission per year. This means you can showcase and highlight one project without any additional cost. For any additional projects you wish to submit, you will need to pay for the "Submit Project" plan per project. This allows you to showcase multiple projects and expand your portfolio on our platform.

What is the "Webflow Expert Plan" and how does it work?

The "Webflow Expert Plan" is an annual payment option that allows Webflow experts to be referenced and linked to their Webflow projects on our platform. Priced at 150 € per project, the plan includes one free submission per year and one free job offer per year. Experts also receive a dedicated Webflow Expert page with a "Contact" button, backlinks to their website, feature placement on the homepage, project listings in three categories, a promotion video in their profile, and 20 keywords per project.

How does the linking of projects work with the "Webflow Expert Plan"?

With the "Webflow Expert Plan," experts can link their projects directly to their profile on our platform. This linking feature helps potential clients explore the expert's portfolio and view their showcased projects. By providing backlinks to their website, experts can drive traffic to their own site, enhancing their online presence and increasing opportunities for client engagement.

How long is the subscription period for the "Webflow Expert Plan"?

The "Webflow Expert Plan" operates on an annual subscription basis. Once you subscribe to the plan, it will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. During this period, you can enjoy the benefits and features of the expert plan to maximize your exposure and attract potential clients.

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